We are forever grateful to the group of Italian women who believed so strongly in an Italian Parish that they began the efforts to establish our church. The foundation of St. Anna Society was set long before our church was built.

The women of the St. Anna Society laid the foundation for the parish.  Their endeavors and enthusiasm inspire us all.  From the annual fish dinners during Lent, bake sales, and the Christmas Craft Fair, this group of women continues to do what is right, what is good and what is needed.

2013-2014 Officers

Beth Castriotta Donlan, President

Angela Cahill, Vice President

Julia Lanza, Secretary

Bobbe DeFelice, Treasurer

Stained Glass Gallery

  • 3 fish
  • cross
  • candles
  • candles 2
  • lock keys
  • charity
  • cross shackels
  • ten commandments
  • grapes
  • dove